Our purpose is to activate the corporate soul

Each organisation we partner with has its own purpose, personality and people. Relational governance is always adapted specifically to that context with a focus on consistent and authentic application.

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Our values infuse everything we do


We believe that the world is infinitely complex and wondrous. We are fascinated by the gap between what is real and what we know. We choose to listen actively, assuming that we will learn and appreciate.


We believe that we are social beings and flourish most in relationships where we are increasingly known and appreciated. We choose to seek to understand systems so that we can behave in ways that are mindful of our interdependence and welcome and leverage differences.


We believe that our fears constrain our freedoms and that the growth edge is often uncomfortable. We choose to put ourselves in places of growth and invite others to do the same within trusted frameworks that always focus on learning.


We believe that every person is worthy of dignity and carries the scars of life. We choose to assume the best intentions in building teams with shared accountability.

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