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Announcement – director appointments

It is my great pleasure to announce that each of Martin Main and Heidi Rawson have agreed to join me as directors of Neometric.

In some ways, this appointment formalises what was already true. For the last couple of years, Heidi and Martin have generously thrown all of their experience and creativity into shaping Neometric and its offerings. More importantly, they embody the courage, compassion and curiosity that we see in the most effective teams that we work alongside.

Our catch-phrase is ‘Connected on purpose‘. The multiple meanings are intended.

We work with organisations to help clearly identify what they are seeking to achieve together and to align their people and other resources in pursuit of that purpose. Powerful relationships are formed by the connections forged in a worthy shared endeavour. This creates the foundation for people to belong to something beyond themselves and co-create outcomes that matter. These are deep human needs, and organisations that find ways to meet them will always stand out from the crowd. 

This marks an important milestone in our story, and I want to publicly express my thanks to each of Heidi and Martin for all that they bring to Neometric and to the organisations who partner with us.

Mal Cooke – 17 February 2022


I feel incredibly privileged and inspired to be joining Mal Cooke and Martin Main as a director of Neometric. With our combined backgrounds in law, engineering, psychotherapy, people and culture, employment relations plus experience on various boards, we have embarked upon a unique and immensely purposeful journey together. 

My experience and passion to proactively approach \ complexities within the employment relationship to build healthy organisations is expressed through our purpose at Neometric. 

We partner with purpose-driven organisations to design and strengthen the relational architecture needed to sustain unity in diversity.  

Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation’ Mahatma Ghandi


I am delighted to be joining Mal Cooke and Heidi Rawson as a director of Neometric, where we support purpose-driven organisations to hold diversity, build unity and strengthen their relational architecture. 

This opportunity allows me to integrate my 20+ years of oil and gas experience with my skills in mediation and psychotherapy in a powerful and rewarding way. Listening carefully to where our clients are at, where they hope to be, and standing alongside them in the process of growth, is core to our approach and a joy to experience.

We all search for meaning in our work, and at times wonder why the organisations we work for even exist.  It is why Neometric pays so much attention to connection through purpose.  Once a shared purpose is defined, energy starts to flow.  When values embody that purpose through positive and accountable behaviours, clear strategic priorities can emerge, and the organisation starts to fly.

I have also enjoyed seeing organisations become unstuck through our application of relational diagnostic tools to stress points and a creative approach to conflict transformation.